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Cameroonian Women in Motion

(Florence Ayisi & Catalin Brylla, 2016, 65 mins)



Cameroonian Women in Motion is a mosaic documentary portrait of women making waves through their inspiring activities.

This short film presents a small glimpse of women’s reality in contemporary. It is a collage of different images that valorise, validate and celebrate women’s lived experiences and their changing social status. With their feet firmly rooted on the ground, their bodies and minds are busy searching, looking, aspiring, desiring and longing to have a better life.


As women parade and walk with pride on Women’s Day in particular, they openly share and celebrate their achievements. Their dynamic activities are part of the wider universal vision of Women’s movement shared across the globe. Being in motion empowers the body and mind to step out of the confines of the home – to connect and belong to a wider community. The public display of their activities is a strong sign of resilience and resisting prescribed identities.

Festival Screenings

Festival Screenings 

Peabody Award

Cannes Film Festival, Prix Art et Essai

Cannes Film Festival, Special Mention Europa Cinemas

Int'l Documentary and Film Festival, Amsterdam, Audience Award

British Independent Film Awards, Best Doc Nominee

Women’s Film Critics Circle, Adrienne Shelly Award

The Royal TV Programme Awards, Best Single Doc

Hawaii Int'l Film Festival, Best Documentary

Royal Anthropological Institute FF, Audience Award

Santa Barbara Film Festival, Social Justice Award

RAI Film Festival, Oxford, Basil Wright Award

Grierson Award, Best Doc on Contemporary Issue, UK

Al-Jazeera TV Festival, Silver Award

Belfast Film Festival, 1st Maysles Award

The Tel-Aviv Intl Documentary FF, Best Int'l Film



Zanzibar Soccer Dreams Trailer

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

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