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Handing Down Time - Cameroon

(Florence Ayisi ,2012, HD - 53’)



Handing Down Time - Cameroon is a dynamic documentary portrait of Africa’s diverse cultures located in one nation. It presents a kaleidoscopic journey through the distinct ethnic groups and cultures in a country often referred to as ‘Africa in miniature’. It is a non-verbal film celebrating the living traditions through sumptuous display of song and dance, picturesque beautiful costumes, crafts, wresting and traditional horseracing. This is a glimpse of Cameroon’s rich cultural heritage, filmed during a National Festival of Arts and Culture. The film is episodic and is framed around the griots, traditional storytellers, musicians, poets and praise singers, who observe, preserve, and pass on collective cultural memory. The griots instruct children to “listen, watch, bear witness, and remember” their culture. As storytellers and custodians of culture, the griots affirm the flourishing diverse traditions in Cameroon; co-existing in harmony with contemporary ways of life despite threats from transnational encounters and transactions.

Festival Screenings

Festival Screening Highlights 

Kenya International Film Festival, Nairobi, Kenya

Festival International du Cinéma Indépendant de Bafoussam, Cameroon

Africa Week – University of West of England, Bristol, U.K.

CERDOTOLA - International Centre for Research and Documentation on African Traditions and Languages, Yaoundé, Cameroon



Handing Down Time - Cameroon Trailer

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery


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