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Art of this Place: Women Artists in Cameroon

(Florence Ayisi, 2011, HD - 40’)



This documentary film is an intimate portrait of Cameroonian women artists. It presents rare insights into the rich variety of women’s creative expressions in visual arts. From wood sculptures to different forms of painting and ceramics, their artwork reflects their individual passion for the arts. Making art provides a platform for their freedom of cultural and artistic expressions. The women frankly share their ideas about what art means to them in the wider context of their identities and visions as African women. Their creative impulses challenge simplistic notions of traditional, prescriptive, roles ascribed to women, arguably, in most African societies. We see them at work, and hear about their confidence as they proudly articulate their dynamic ideas and formulated identities in a society where according to one woman “…the woman is still considered fit only for marriage, cooking and bearing children…”

Festival Screenings

Festival Screenings Highlights

CINEMAFRICA, Stockholm, Sweden

Images of Black Women Film Festival, London

Kenya International Film Festival, Nairobi, Kenya

International Images Film Festival for Women, Zimbabwe

CinemAfrica Film festival, Stockholm, Sweden

Festival International du Cinéma Indépendant de Bafoussam (FICIB), Cameroon

Initiative Africa- Addis International Film Festival, Ethiopia

FIKE International Short Film Festival, Portugal



Art of this Place: Women Artists in Cameroon Trailer

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery


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