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Sisters in Law

(Florence Ayisi & Kim Longinotto, 2005, 104 mins)

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Sisters in Law is a fascinating look at the work of a courthouse in a small town in Cameroon, Central Africa. The tough-minded state prosecutor, Vera Ngassa and judge, Beatrice Ntuba, are helping women and children to find the courage to fight difficult cases of domestic violence and child abuse despite pressures from family and their community to remain silent. Through their emotional stories and courage, the extraordinary work of women in the judicial system shines through. With fierce compassion, the female prosecutor and judge dispense wisdom and justice in fair measure; handing down stiff sentences to those convicted. Sisters in Law presents another reality of African Women’s agency and their resilient spirit, courage, hope and fight for justice and gender equality.

Festival Screenings

Select Festival Screening Highlights and Awards

Cannes Film Festival

–Prix Art et Essai & Special Mention Europa Cinemas


International Documentary Festival, Amsterdam (IDFA)

-Winner, Audience Award


Peabody Award, USA

-Outstanding Achievement in Electronic Media


Common wealth Film Festival

-Audience Award


Hawaii International Film Festival

Golden Maile for Best Documentary


Broadcast Awards, London

Best Factual Programme


Common wealth Film Festival, Manchester, UK

-Audience Award for Best Documentary Film


Bologna Human Rights Film Festival, Italy

-Best Long Film


Royal Television Society Awards, U.K.

-Best Single Documentary


Message to Man, St. Petersburg, Russia

-Golden Centaur Prix


Real Life on Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia

-Best International Documentary


Dokfest, Munich, Germany

-The Special Documentary Award


Nuremberg Human Rights Film Festival, Germany

-Audience Award


Santa Barbara Intl Film Festival

-Social Justice Award for Documentary Film


Royal Anthropological Institute Film Festival

- Audience Award


Real Life on Film Festival, Melbourne

- Best International Documentary


The Tel-Aviv Intl. Documentary Film Festival

-Best International Film


Belfast Film Festival

- First Maysles Award


Al-Jazeera TV Festival

- Silver Award


DocAviv Film Festival, Israel

-Best International Film


Human Rights Nights Film Festival, Bologna, Italy

- Jury Prize, Long Feature Film


Munich Documentary Film Festival

-Special Documentary Prize

Sisters in Law was one of 15 documentaries selected for Oscar Short List in 2006   [LINK]

Sisters in Law was one of 6 best films selected by Veteran British documentary filmmaker, Nick Broomfield =The Times, Saturday June 4, 2011, page 6.   [LINK]

Cannes award for courtroom film.  [LINK]



Sisters in Law Trailer

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Photo Gallery


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